Comprehensive management of projects

Building a house is an exciting project involving a number of different phases: from the initial development of the idea, the search for a plot, the house design, who is actually building the house and at what price, to finally handing over the keys. It is a fascinating process that can turn into an unpleasant task if things have not been properly organized and clear procedures are established for each phase of the project.

In Now Arquitectura we take care that everything goes smoothly as planned:

We design the house of your dreams.


We care about designing your home from the beginning, adapting it to your tastes and needs, involving you in the creative process. We have a team of architects specialized in the latest architectural trends that will guide you at all times so that you are satisfied with your home.

We set the way forward.


We take care of organizing and planning all the phases of the project, helping you with the necessary administrative procedures, project drafting, and obtaining the required licences and permissions. We will help you choose the companies that will carry out the building work, comparing not only the budget, but also the technical skills, always choosing the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

We care about quality.


Your satisfaction is the most important to us, finishing the work on time, within your budget and according to your expectations. We know it is the investment of your life, so we will build the house as if it were for us. We have qualified technicians monitoring building progress, who will keep in touch with you, solving problems and ensuring the work is successfully completed according to current building regulations.

We build relationships.


In Now Arquitectura we are not only interested in completing your home, we also want to forge a lasting friendship. We will always be there to solve any problem you may have once settled. We will advise you on the correct maintenance of your home and give you a helping hand when necessary.

We accredit our training